It's A Little Bit About....ME!



what3words/// relaxed.professional.creative

You may have the most beatifullest (is that a word?) days of your life, but if you haven't an experienced, professional and reliable photographer that knows what their doing...well...I have also been envolved with rescuing photos taken at weddings by amateur photographers


So, it is a little bit about me; a professional wedding photographer and videographer, a lover of Krispy Keme Doughnuts, a fulltime creative creator, whether it's a wedding day or a commercial shoot, reliable and experienced to produce amazing results time and time again - provided creative media at over 200+ weddings


You will be investing in unforgettable memories captured for you by an experienced, reliable and professional photographer.  In choosing Photography by HPeterB to capture your wedding day in photos, you guarantee memories that you will treasure and be proud of

Dressmaking options availableDressmaking options availableDressmaking options available